Call for Demonstrations

Demonstrations will be selected on the basis of technical merit, relevance, and novelty of presentation at <Programming>. They can include work in progress, commercial or in-house applications, proofs of concept, results of academic or industrial research, or any other innovative programming tools or systems. We encourage authors of accepted papers to co-located workshops and main conferences also submit a demo proposal. We hope that this will give them the opportunity to show their work in action, and increase the visibility of their results. We suggest to cite the paper in the demo abstract.

Accepted presenters will be requested to prepare two page abstract of their demonstrations that are published on the conference web page.


Demo proposals should be submitted as PDF files, consist of two pages or less in any format. Submissions should be sent to the Demo Chair (masuhara at acm dot org).

A demo proposal must include:

  • a title,
  • names, affiliations, contact information,
  • a description of the demonstration that highlights the innovations and addresses what a wide range of attendees will find compelling in the demonstration.

If you feel that it would help make your proposal stronger, you are welcome to provide additional details, e.g., screenshots.

Only the basic demonstration set-up (a suitably sized room with a table, projector, screen, electrical power, and a generally available wireless network connection) will be provided. Any special needs or requirements for the demonstration, e.g., additional equipment, room set-up, or a wired network connection, must be communicated at submission time, and the Demo Chair will advise the submitters if it is unable to fulfill those requirements.

For additional information, clarification, or answers to questions please contact the Dem Chair (Hidehiko Masuhara) at masuhara at acm dot org.

Submission deadline:

Fri 3 Mar 2017

Important Dates AoE (UTC-12h)
Fri 3 Mar 2017