The conference banquet will take place in the Museum of Natural Sciences on Wednesday (April 5th).

  • As of 18:10, the museum is open for entrance to <Programming> participants.
  • The banquet itself will start at 19:00.
  • Please be sure to take your conference badge with you.
  • Walking directions to the museum

Discover nature at the Museum of Natural Sciences where you can explore human nature, our evolution and biology: from Sahelanthropus to Homo sapiens; from embryo to adult. Aside from human nature, you will also find the largest dinosaur gallery in Europe here, where you can study 1000+ specimens, dive with gigantic sea lizards from the Cretateuous period, embark on an urban safari and discover 250 years of natural science history.

Museum of Natural Sciences


Vautierstraat, 29
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